Daily Routines

Acorns morning sessions begin at 8:00

Acorns afternoon sessions begin at 12.30 and end at either 4.15 or 5.30

 Welcome time/Self registration

Your child will join other children and staff to say hello at the start of the session.

Snack time

The children can choose to have a healthy snack and drink.

Key person time

The key person leads an adult initiated activity to support and extend your child’s learning.  The activities are open-ended and cover a range of learning from the Early Years Foundation Stage:

Work time and tidy up time.

Your child is able to choose what they would like to do and learn alongside their friends and other adults. The children can access the outside areas at this time. With adult support the children are encouraged to help put things away at tidy up time.

 Circle time

All the children and adults come together for singing and celebrations


Lunchtime is at 12.00pm and teatime is at 4.00pm


The children have the opportunity to sleep or rest in our sleep area during the day.


Please can you bring in a piece of fruit or vegetable with you to the session to promote healthy eating. Some items of fruit and the milk will be supplied by us.


If you would like to bring in something special to eat for your child on their birthday, please can you bring fruit or vegetables. We have some children with allergies who get upset when they cannot share sweets and cakes.